Allaah's Messenger (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:

"Hijrah will not cease until repentance ceases (to be accepted).

And repentance will not cease (to be accepted)

until the sun rises from the west."

Nail-ul-Awtaar of Imaam Ash-Shaukaanee (8/178)

The Goal Factory


YAM’s Goal Factory is a motivation-based, entrepreneurial think tank which draws on Islamic values to develop and realize a wide range of ideas and goals which:

-support YAM (or any other Islamic cause)


-are business-related


-are personal endeavors


With the help of Allah and then the help of one another, each and every individual is, at the very least, capable of devising a plan to realize his/her goals and making an honest effort to follow it through.

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